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A female who takes advantage of a male by dating him for the sake of getting presents of affection yet never has a true interest in him.

Sackbaggers avoid any intimate situations and never engage any physical contact beyond a simple kiss.

Occasionally Sackbaggers juggle and play several other males or two-time with a guy who treats her like crap.

Sackbagger victims will not listen to those who reveal facts that the sackbagger is playing them.

Sackbagger victims are referred to as Shmucks, Pussy Whipped, Sissyfied, Chumps, Dumbasses etc.
That girl is such a sackbagger! She has been dating my friend for a month. I told him that I've seen her making out with another guy at his party last week but he won't believe me. The Shmuck still buys her clothes and jewelry all the time.
by Francis7 October 17, 2010
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