"Standing and Modeling" in one of Chicago's gay bars at a time that a less-than-convivial mood prevails.

If you mean "sadomasochism," just say "SM."
"I was at Sidetracks last night and it was pure S and M -- nobody wanted to talk to anyone."
by al-in-chgo January 25, 2013
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along with being sexual acts involving pain, refers to a part in season 4 of greys anatomy. in this context, it means sex and mockery - a relationship that involves only sex and making fun of each other in a flirtatious way.
derek: meredith, do you wanna get some dinner together tonight?
meredith: derek, no! s and m only!
by hubbabubbaSMACK November 08, 2008
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simphony and mettalica. i belive it was 2005 when metalica did a experiment with a full orchestrail occumpennyment
guy 1: im a homo
guy 2: well u show go to s and m
guy 1 : as if u fucking wierd god ur a psyco
by jermsy1 March 06, 2008
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