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Proper Noun/ Name.

1. An awesome person that you've just met that has an impact on you and the way you live.

2. A general pro at anything and everything.

3. A hot and sexy person.

4. A person who makes you jealous.


1. Used to describe that something or someone is sexy.

2. Implies that something or someone is awesome and known for the right reasons.

Random: "Who's that over there?"
Me: "Oh haven't you met him yet? That's Ryuun, my awesome and best friend. You should introduce yourself"
Random: "So I will"
Me: "Good for you"


Random: "You're so Ryuun at everything"
Me: "I know and I was born like that"
Random: "I'm jealous"
Me: "I guessed"
by A buddy:) September 05, 2009
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