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1: One who is not of the "Rambo" mentality.
2: One whose success is based upon a good "twitch factor" and excellent hand-eye coordination.
3: One who is an experienced marksman, utilizing said skills to keep a barrier betwixt oneself and the onslaught of enemies.
4: One who is a walking dictionary.
5: One who enjoys Lumpia.

1: To "camp" on an opposing raised structure, sniping enemies.
2: To rush headlong into danger without regard to consequences.
3: To completely annihalate all in melee and/or ranged combat. ie: Sword and Sniper Rifle
- "Holy crap, dude, he just pulled a Rycraft!"

- "I can't believe you just Rycrafted us all. Laaaame."

- "We were losing until our Sniper went and pulled a Rycraft."
by Aequitas April 11, 2006
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