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Super amazing boyfriend named Ryan (which actually means little king). He is one in a billion and so awesome that they should re-name that Disney movie with the lions after him!

His charisma, patience, humor, handsomeness, adventurous personality, and endless ability to make people smile earn him a place in the urban dictionary. You can call anyone you think is extraordinarily special a Ryanking, but use it sparingly, because living up to this ideal is tough.
I love my Ryanking, he makes every day memorable.

Wow, he really pulled a Ryanking by surprising you with those flowers by landing a fighter jet plane on that island and then having fireworks explode and spell your name in the sky!
by ElleCat July 08, 2011
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Girl 1: oh he's cute!
Girl 2: don't go out with him

Girl 1: why?

Girl 2: he has a Ryan King !
Girl 1: ew
by Truthful cartman August 15, 2017
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The word that comes up, on a cell phone, when one attempts to text the word "Swanking" while in T9. Through its accidental use in countless text messages and because of its seemingly unexplainable appearance in cellphone word-banks, the word has become a slang term itself.

Ryanking has taken on the same meaning of the word "Swanking." Meaning to drink, usually, alcohol.
"Hey man we're all at John's house ryanking. How come you're not here?"

That sophomore girl was ryanking UV Blue all night.

Dan V. tried to type swanking, but the text message read ryanking instead.

Are you trying to ryanking a little before we go to BW3's?
by JohnnyDubs July 19, 2009
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