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Among the elite in the Engineering world, Ryerson Engineers are the definition of Awesomeness. (Yeah, thats right, a capital in the middle of a fuckin' sentence. Blow Me).
U of shiT students tremble in the wake of the mighty RyEng society. When they aren't in the dungeon sabotaging cricket matches, welding buggies to the quad gates, or kicking each other in the nuts for charity, these Gods among men are out there fighting for justice and the RyEng way. To mess with one is to mess with all.

So remember, if you see a RyEng on campus, give them a brofist or a hug. You can easily spot one due to their kickass jackets, high tolerance for alcohol, or when they take over a chunk of the Ram and blurt out drunken chants (feel free to join in if you can).
U of T Student #1:"Shit son, I heard that motherfucker goes to Ryerson."
U of T Student #2:"Look at that sweet ass jacket, he's a RyEng."
U of T Student #1: "Unlike ours, which is just made of the tanned skin of our butlers."
Moral of the story: RyEng blows Skule out of the fucking ocean.
by Ryersons Finest May 09, 2011
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