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Giving a man analingus (rimming/ salad tossing/ ass licking) while reaching around his front and gently tapping his testicles together like they are in Newton’s Cradle. The hand motion has likeness to a Carrot In A Breeze. So similar to a Rusty Trombone yet with more sentiment to the global dance sensation.

It grew as a spin off from the Carrot In A Breeze dance craze during after parties in Auckland New Zealand. Since it has been spreading globally recently joining the offerings from Lady-Boys in Bangkok, Thailand. It has also been reported as a fraternity initiation act at a well known US College.
1. Barby gave me the Rusty Carrot last night, man her tongue and tap are the best… 2. Check her out, she can Rusty Carrot me any day!
by Marg Fulton November 06, 2013
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See also bowel carrots.

Basically the same thing, but describes the turd(s) after it passed into a second environment e.g. bog, public bin, tesco bag, bush etc.

Can be associated with human or animals.
I was walking the dog in the park one day when I came across a group of rusty carrots. Once I trod on one of them, breaking the skin, I began to realise these fellas were delivered by no human!
by vindows wertex September 16, 2007
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