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Performed in conjunction with a Rusty Sherman which is to put one's penis between one's legs & rub against one's bumhole. To perform the Rusty Bell, one then extracts their fecal covered bellend after a Rusty Sherman and rapidly swings their cock back and forth between their legs, like a bell, singing "Ding Dong" repeatedly.
Frank truly impressed the party goers at his housewarming party with a great spread of food and spirits. But nothing that evening surpassed the awe and excitement of the guests when Frank performed a Rusty Bell right after delighting everyone to a traditional Rusty Sherman.
by Ben Dribblin September 16, 2015
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adjective: Southern California variation of the classic Rusty Trombone. Getting a rimmer while taking on a vigorous reach-around from 3 people, generally performed by rugby players on each other after a big win
Dude, that wasn't a group hug on the field, I think those guys were giving their coach a rusty bell!
by Sewerpickle April 01, 2009
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