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Rurt is an onomatopoeiac term for ketchup/sauce as it resembles the sound made when the condiment is squirted/extracted from its container.
The word Rurt originates from the Newtownards area of Northern Ireland and its best pronunced with your finest insult-tinged Northern Irish accent.
Ketchup = Red Rurt, HP Sauce = Brown Rurt, Mayo = White Rurt, Mustard = Yellow Rurt, Humous = Greek Rurt, Salsa = Spanish Rurt etc...
Here Jonty! Pass the f**king RURT ye d**k.
Easy on the RURT.
Heavy on the RURT.
by Mike Carswell February 14, 2006
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The meaning of rurt is extremely simple, it is a deflated form of the word "alright", where you are so seshed out that you forget to speak so a weird noise that sounds close to "alright" comes out your mouth. Often used by the youth after a four day bender in a rundown garage outside Budgens
Rurt mush, how's your comedown?
by Anonymoooooos June 11, 2017
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