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When you and two of your friends are in a room, getting your dicks sucked by some random, low esteemed drunk whore at a party. Said drunk whore is sucking your puny; wilted, and pushed in, repugnant-looking cock while your two homies are getting jacked off like stars.

The said drunk whore switched from you to your other homies rancid cock while she jacks you and your other boy's short penis off! The process repeats itself until either all of you get your nuts off. (Preferably in the Drunk bitch's hair with a subsequent wiping on her garments!) or she gets lockjaw while waking up from her drunken stupor only to press charges on you and your broke assed homies for trying to be legends.

*Disclaimer:* Crossing swords because your drunk with your homies rather than highfiving eachother for being pimps and playing some dumb whore makes you guys look even more Gay so DONT touch penises and HAVE FUN!
(Ben is on the phone with his guy Marko.)

Marko: Man that party was wild lastnight you missed it!

Ben: Yeah, what happened broski, I had to work?

Marko: Man lastnight Me, Elliott, and Mark Demski had this drunk assed hoe Running-the-rotation over at Klinger's Party! We made that bitch famous, now all the niggas are fighting to get that bitch in their car after they heard what we did!
by Marko Schmidt aka:YaMa's Pimp September 10, 2009
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