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A MMORPG (massivley multiplayer online role-playing game). In this game there is not set classes that you must pick from. If you want to be a mage put on some mage robes if you want to be a warrior grab a sword. There is no age limit for this game. Since all prophanity is blocked on the website and it's constantly being updated(not to mention its free) it is an exellent game for all ages. With over twenty easy to learn but hard to master skills it is an exellent way to use up time, all you need is an internet connection.
I have a account add vincrie to your friends list, maybe i'll be on.

runescape is one sweet MMORPG.
by Xiophillio April 12, 2009
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2 is a website in which thousands of children go on to play the game Runescape. It is like a ghetto WoW.
D00d! Let's go to!
by Sasha the Cyborg. August 17, 2008
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A site that literally thosands of players must type into their web address bar everyday. These kids ranging from the ages of 9-12 and boarder line retarded, but still get a credit card to buy membership.

If you play runescape and are still not convinced it sucks, try these games:
Dark eden
Priston tale
Conqure online
The major reason the kids play runescape is because they are so unaware of newer and better games out there.
by Betterman February 25, 2005
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