A small town in Maine that is known to locals as "Rumfid". Only the most beautiful and intelligent are born there, but prolonged residency drops the IQ 20 points per decade.
"I am from Rumford, Maine, but moved after highschool to pursue a PhD in Psychology"

"I live in Rumfid. Been heah ma whole life"
by J. Moro October 16, 2008
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Count Rumford, a physicist and inventor for whom the Rumford fireplace was named, designed what is considered to be the most efficient fireplace of all time. His design has been considered state of the art all over the world since the 1790’s.
Kev, what happened with that chick last night at après ski?

Dude, we went back to my place and she told me was a virgin and I thought, “not for long.” Then I spent the whole night breaking trail in front of the rumford fireplace.
by UrbanDick802 January 21, 2013
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A town so poor in Maine, they can't afford real showers so they bath themselves with a sink and soap.
I ain't got time to wait for the shower, I'm taking a rumford bath.
by CS72 November 15, 2008
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