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1. The headmaster of pigfarts. He's a lion. THAT CAN TALK and if your a good student he will even let you ride on his back.
2. A rip-off of Aslan from 'The Lion, the Witch and the Waredrobe' but made hilarious from averypottermusical
Draco: Dumbledore! That old coot. He's nothing compared to Rumblerore
Harry: Who's Rumblerore
Draco: He's the headmaster of Pigfarts. Which is ON MARS.
Harry: Can you just go away?
Draco: Where would I go?
Harry: Ahhhh... To pigfarts!
Draco: I can't. It's ON MARS
by B*tchIain'tChoChang! May 17, 2010
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