The feeling that comes on just before having to move your bowels.
Having eaten all of that Mexican food I immediately felt a rumble in the jungle and needed to find a bathroom.
by Dave Landino September 23, 2004
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A sexual practice between a man and a black woman, in which the woman lies on her back, head off the edge of the bed or couch, and performs oral sex on the man as he strattles her face. While deep-throating the man's penis, the woman inhales deeply through her nose, creating a vacuum which sucks the man's testicles onto her nostrils. Meanwhile, the man has taken the time to grow out his testicular hair as long as possible, thus creating the opportunity for the black woman to have an uncomfortable itching sensation in her nose. As he thrusts deeper, closer to climax, the itching becomes worse. Once the the moment of climax is imminent, the itching becomes unbearable, and the woman sneezes, releasing the testes from her nostrils. This causes a Katrina-like effect, amplifying the man's orgasm 10-fold, thus rumble in the JUNGLE.
Halle Berry's young model husband knew he had to propose after he got the "rumble in the jungle" one night.
by JayBlood September 9, 2010
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To insert your cock in to the juicey cave that is the fadge 'vagina' and explore the greater depths of the female form and make her wet and scream loads with excitement and desire.
Flash had had a hard day at work, hard in more ways than one, he saw Karen bent over her desk and she saw he was hard.. Wow, she said.. I need you and your horny cock to rumble my jungle biatch and shoot ure load in my cave.
by Craigi Boi June 19, 2008
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When you are walking up the steps and you hold in your fart. So when he inserts his middle finger and index finger in your rectum you let it rip on his fingers.
Omg my fingers still smell from when you gave me a rumble in the jungle earlier
by Jvett6969 April 20, 2022
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