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The love of Rumpelstiltskin and Belle on a tv show called Once Upon A Time. RumBelle fans tend to want them to ship (get together) if the fan is too obsessed shit gets crazy. It's sometimes impossible to understand some of the RumBelle fans' conversations.
fangirl1: the new Once Upon A Time is on tonight
fangirl2: I KNOW!!!!! I HOPE RUMBELLE IS IN IT!!!!

fangirl1: OMG RUMBELLE!!!!!

fangirl2: I know dearie.... I know.....
by obsessedfangirl February 03, 2013
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Rumbelle is the most amazing thing in the world. It is the love of Rumplestiltskin and Belle together. They are so perfect together it's not even funny. They're the #1 couple together and if your in a relationship you wanna try to be just like them.
Regina: I wish me and Robin had a relationship like Rumbelle!

Emma: yeah I wish me and hook could even come close to that
by An awkward turtle🐒 August 06, 2016
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