A person who supplies alcoholic beverages for a party or social gathering.
Jeff: You going to that party friday?
Tim: Who's the rum runner?
Jeff: Dale
Tim: Forget that, he'll only bring Mike's Hard Lemonade
by Tommy Shavers May 20, 2009
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Diarrhea or very soft stool caused by a night out drinking a lot of rum.
Skipped out on the hangover but I can feel a rum runner coming on
by hcguy February 20, 2011
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Small fishing hole located in ghetto Fairborn, Ohio. Lots of mudfish, swamp donkeys, and turtle pork hangout there.
We were just riding around.. ended up at Rum Runners. The next day i have herpes and my wallet is missing. Pretty sure i fought a Baron or two also..
by Drunkjacob January 4, 2010
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A rum runner is a type of flask used to sneak alcohol into a social place that prohibits bringing any. For example many people flasks like this to sneak alcohol onto cruise ships but can be used anywhere.
Craig: Dude I lost forgot my wallet I can't buy any drink.
Josh: don't worry I got my rum runner
by Kazotsky March 14, 2018
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