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1. Never EVER wear a tshirt of the band you are seeing.
2. If you do not know the support bands, dancing is NOT allowed – a headbob and foot tap is all that’s necessary.
3. Taking your shirt off is not allowed – tis ultra gay.
4. Moshing is for gays – UNLESS it’s a Slayer concert or some shit.
5. Never ever ever just stand there with your girlfriend hugging for the whole damn concert and never ever move out of some poor guys way who’s stuck behind you.
6. Don’t get annoyed if people dance into you…it’s a gig…EXPECT IT (unless they don’t comply with rule 3.)
7. If a gig Tshirt is more than 12 quid, it’s not worth buying.
8. If there is a hot girl, you have permission to move in.
9. When meeting band members avoid clichés and being overly obsessive. Pulling out an A2 poster of the band and asking them to sign it is not really cool. A handshake will suffice and maybe the signing of the ticket. Don’t act like you know the band unless you do, that’s creepy.
10. Heckling can be fun but don’t overdo it. Make it audible. Shout “YORKSHIRE” sparingly to a northern band as it can be misinterpreted as “YOUR SHIT.”
11. If you’re not really a fan of any of the bands, please don’t bother turning up. Sell your ticket to a fan and they can enjoy it instead of you. KTHNX.
"Hey dude, you didn't stick to the rules of gigging... you're a douche."
"That guy broke rule 3, 4 and 10. GET HIM!"
by Adanny April 30, 2008
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