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"If one has New Londons fries, one must share New Londons fries. Someday you will be without them, and, because of this rule, you can help yourself to some of the deliciousness, just as others have helped themselves to yours."
~Moses, "The Old Testament" Deleted Scenes

When an aquaintance has a serving of delicious New Londons fries, this law can be utilized. The Moocher must first declare that he/she is taking some fries under the Rule of New Londons. The owner of the fries has no choice but to comply, for they know that they have mooched in the past and will mooch in the future.
"Dude, you're so envious, I have fries and you don't!"
"I hereby enact the Rule of New Londons. Fork some over."
"Dammit dude, fine, here ya go..."
by JockoAccidente October 06, 2006
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