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A Rule Nazi is someone who insists on his or her own strict interpretation of the rules of a game, even if the other players collectively disagree. Usually, a Rule Nazi will become petulant if the other players do not yield to his or her viewpoint.

The term "Rule Nazi" originated among people who play table-top historical wargames. Historical wargames (one word) consist of board games and miniatures games. Miniatures games are played with toy soldiers and models of military vehicles, ships and aircraft. Historical wargames are part of a relatively small but still substantial subset of traditional game players. One of the most widely subscribed wargames is Warhammer Ancients a version of the popular fantasy game Warhammer.
Dave is a Rule Nazi. He always has to have his own way when we disagree about the rules.
by Walking Point April 28, 2009
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someone who is a nazi about rules
stop being a rule nazi!! !! No one cares if you're not aloud to stop the puck in air hockey.
by TheGoldenAppler January 04, 2018
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