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Mr. Perfect; he definitely has a beautiful heart inside and out. He's is definitely one of a kind. When meeting Rujay you will know that he is someone who you can approach and talk to. He's unique in his own way but he doesn't believe it, he called himself, "weird" in which he's not. When it comes down to caring about someone, he will do anything to make that certain person happy even if it means making silly jokes and a fool out of himself. To him, others happiness means a lot to him, especially when it comes down to his own family, loved ones and friends. When it comes to love, Rujay is a very passionate person. He is sincere, faithful and trustworthy to his special someone, he will definitely expect the same back from his special someone also. What's the point of a relationship if you don't have that.. He is also a person who has a tendency of finishing what he starts. And so when you meet a person name Rujay, regardless if he's a friend, a family member or a partner. Don't let him go because you will regret it. It's like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock. ♥
Knight in Shiny Armor, Rujay
by Knight in Shiny Armor January 25, 2013
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