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Cutest and sweetest girl in the universe; Synonymous to sweet chocolate such as a Hershey's kiss or Reese's Pieces. Nice to everyone and makes everyone's days. Her personality makes everyone fall for her, but can be really weird sometimes.
Person 1: There's a new freshman chick and she is sooo cute.
Person 2: No way, is she a Ruhika?
Person 1: Hell yeah; she's super nice.
Person 2: There she is. I'm going to go hit on her.
by AwesomeSauce:)123 June 17, 2011
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pronounced Ruheeka.

Sweetest and most charming person ever. Very confused in terms of sexual orientation. Literal meaning translates to desired by many, but more of a creeper and a copycat.
Person 1: Hey, so that player Shane Battier is really hot.
Person 2: Battier is so sexy!
Person 1: Stop being such a Ruhika.

Girl 1: *Pointing* Dude, I'm going to go hit on that guy.
Girl 2: He looks gay.

Girl 1: He's flirting with 10 girls. You're such a Ruhika.
by coolcat4life June 17, 2011
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