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A self centered girl who thinks the World revolves around her. She thrives on compliments, even if they aren't true, she doesn't care as long as you tell her how great she is. Intelligent and sharp witted, there is nothing you can get away with, don't even try to outwit her.
She can be generous and charming but there is usually some hidden agenda, so don't always take her at face value, she is probably trying to test you.

She looks innocent but is unshockable. She can watch the most hardcore porn, and not even bat an eyelid.
Has a heart of gold, but do not annoy her, you'll never hear the last of it
'Rufina, have you seem two girls one cup, it's disgusting!'
Rufina - 'meh'

'Rufina you look sooo beautiful'
Rufina 'I know'
by pingu72 November 22, 2011
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