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Abbreviated word for rubbish, usually meant for something that you hate or consider crap.
Guy 1: That 2 hour exam was rubz.

Guy 2: I know right! I absolutely hated it!
by omgitspikachu April 05, 2010
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A person who is very hyper and funny. Say's what's on her mind without any fear of anyone. A bit moody and angry. But a very sweet and completely kind and helpful person in the heart. Mostly used as a nickname for the name "Ruba" , an arabic name of a girl. Sense of humor and good company is her last name. Betrayal isn't in her vocabulary. A great talker and is very social and loved by everyone everywhere. Known for her courage and determination. Rubz also tends to be very smart. Especially in mathematics. She hates all the girly stuff and drama of stupid girls. She's any guy's dream of a perfect girl. Look-wise and personality-wise. Funny, social, loud and enthusiastic, has a bit of a temper and moody, and a completely great person to talk to. A great girlfriend, a very strict mother, and best of all, an amazing friend.
"Who helped you in your project?" "Rubz! She's great!"
"Today's outing was GREAT! It was all because of rubz!"
by Prince Alfred December 14, 2013
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african americans pronounce the word "ribs" as "rubz" in most situations.
Yeah, pass the rubz boo.
by Johnathon McStabbs December 29, 2004
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