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Rozemarijn is a very reliable person. She will always be there for you and you can trust her with all your secrets. She is a very determined person and will strive to achieve her goals. She is beautiful just as the plant she is named after, rosemary. She is unique and defiantly a keeper. She will look after you and she cares for everyone. If you hurt one of her friends she will hold a grudge to you for a long as necessary. She makes friends very easily and will keep them. She is a trustful friend.
Friend: Rozemarijn I need some help

Rozemarijn: What is it and what do you need?
by hello2165 January 08, 2018
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It's me :) It's also a herb and you can make tea from it. In enlish: Rosemary, but I hate that name. In dutch, speak as: Rozumaarain
Hi, my name is Rozemarijn.
Do you like Rosemary tea?
Add some Rosemary to the salad.
by Roos May 26, 2004
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