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A small ass school in the ass crack of no where in WNY kids are all usually bissnitches
Person 1: Oh hey where do you go to school?
Person 2:RoyHart
Person1: Where?
by Royhart May 23, 2017
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Piss-poor school, with a legendarily terrible Football team, greedy teachers, and crazy-ass students who have nothing better to do than drink at parties and have massive orgies in the local trailer park. Has at least 3 pregnant girls at all times. Students may be called "Roytards", but only if the person saying it is butt-fuck retarded.

Known good points are the music program and the music program.
Student A: Oh, yeah, I go to Royhart.

Student B: .... you poor, poor soul.


Student A: Stop leaning on me like that!

Student B: Fag.
by Tamaratanβ™₯ January 06, 2011
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small ass school filled with emos goths whores drama invested bitches and occasional hottie. Also has the best football team ever.
Roy-Hart football record this season 1-9
by gorbachev January 29, 2008
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B-sized school with smart students, teachers, and adults. In a nice community with nice people. An amazing football team with pretty and cute cheerleaders. #1 school voted best school in Western New York. Students are hyper and extremely fun to be around. Students in RoyHart tend to have higher averages then most school and the least ranked for failures and drop outs. Basketball teams are amazing, 2 students dying from cancer and suicide that were extremely important to the school. Won contests for pennys on Kiss 98.5 choosing The Ready Set for a concert. School is called "RoyTards" out of complete joke along with other schools such as the "Medina Morons" or the "Lockport Losers". Little Drama basically a drama-less school.
Only drama that has ever happened is Suicide.
Kids skip up and down the halls singing happy-time songs.
RoyHart basketball team beats barlyn 104-24
RoyHart football beats medina 33-3
Only drop-out in recorded history
Each school has over 1,000 students
by RoyTards Rocks May 16, 2011
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