The act of roughly or aggressively exiting an orifice.
“Man, Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer really roughed out of that 25 man orgy!”

“Jozsef Szajer’s escape from the 25 man orgy via an upper floor window was the epitome of a rough out. But, easy to Spider-Man down a building when your hands are that sticky”
by Ccturkey February 10, 2021
to be sexually turned on from excessive foreplay or titillation.
"Billy Bob, I'm feeling mighty roughed out right now, can we get to fucking puhlease?"

"Oddly, watching this CSPAN coverage leaves me feeling distinctly roughed out."
by Betty Lu November 18, 2011
When 2 or more guys wrestle each other in a loving manner, just like brothers
Ahmed and Dario decided to rough it out at the party last night. This explained the bruises they had in the morning
by ghostman414004 December 23, 2013