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The most vile, rotten and putrid flatulence that can be expelled from the human body. Rotulence is thick, pungent and engulfs all breathable air within the surrounding area. The odiferous stench can linger for extended periods and often clings to the inside of the nose. Rotulence is noted for its inherent ability to induce gagging and retching in the individuals that come into contact with the rancid gas.
Roger and several of his friends set out for a weekend road trip. The lunch stop at Taco Bell later proved to be an ill fated move when Carl blasted several rounds of a fiery bean burrito induced Rotulence. Roger was forced to pull to the side of the road, roll down the windows and allow everyone out of the car to obtain breathable air. They later drove to a nearby gas station allowing Carl the opportunity to eradicate his rancid bowels.
by Eaton Holgoode September 17, 2015
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