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"Lots of Luck", as pronounced (usually sarcastically) by the dog Astro on the ABC cartoon series "The Jetsons" in 1962 and 1963. Astro - being a dog - pronounces most words with an intial "R" sound, as if he is growling.
"I'll appeal to the congressman's sense of honor!"

"Rotsa ruck."
by WarrWWWWWarrl June 15, 2017
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Besides an un-PC imitation of an Asian's speech accent, rotsa ruck is a backhanded rejoinder: It is a way of sarcastically saying: "You'll never be successful at doing that." OR "That's a near-impossible task."

Probably originated on American college campuses of the 1960's.
Man #1: I'm studying political science and world religions, so I can finally bring peace between the Jews and Muslims on the Gaza Strip.

Man #2: Rotsa ruck on THAT one.


Woman: I'm meeting with the Texas PTA tonight to convince teachers to discuss GLBT issues with their sixth-graders.

Man: Hey, rotsa ruck on that.
by david lincoln brooks March 23, 2014
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Wishing someone lots of luck in a way that sounds similar to how some Asian people pronounce English words.
I wish you rotsa ruck on your japanese vacation.
Rotsa ruck on your driving test.
by Sinite October 15, 2007
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