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1. N. A form of human meat (as cannables would eat). Unground, slab, usually with the consistancy of a steak.

2. Adj. Diseased and dying; rotting while still alive
1. N. Pork : Pig, Beef : Cow, Rothen : Human
2. Man, that rothen meat was exquisite! Your mom sure is a good cook!

1. Adj. That man smells rothen! He absolutley reeks!
by Chris H., Pip R. October 16, 2006
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A man who has strong character and is an amazing leader. Extremely attractive, most hysterical person you will ever meet, A Godly man, patient, and easy tempered. If anybody ever needs anything, they can count on him to be there to help. Willing to use his time and money for others. He is very creative, always coming up with new idea's and making things happen. Very respectful and thoughtful. A Rothen is a keeper. He will always surprise you, be there for you, encourage you, make you laugh, pray for you. A Rothen is one in a million. No other guy could even get on his level. It is impossible to not be attracted to him. You are blessed if you have a Rothen in your life.
Man...I really wish I could date that guy Rothen
who doesn't?

Girl you're so luck to have a Rothen in your life.
by gryfindoresucks October 29, 2012
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