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Rothco is a military clothing and supply company that has been around since about the 1950s

There are a few "sections" of Rothco, they differ in quality and are for diffrent things you can say...

Ultra Force- Or "Rothco Ultra Force BDU" makes ok quality stuff for a somewhat low price. About 27-30 bucks for BDUs and about $50 for some combat boots. Rothco Ultra Force is generally Made In China. I wouldnt reccomend them for heavy use such as military operations and such but their ok quality i guess..

Basic Issue- These are Made In Guatemala or something however, from US Fabric. These are well made and only a dollar or so more then Ultra Force

Military Division- "Rothco Military Division" These are the real deal. Made In The USA 50% Cotton 50% polyester, this is what the real Military uses. are hard to come by because alot of Rothco Military Division stuff is discontinued so its pretty much just whatevers left over. If your looking for some rugged well made clothing, Military Division is the way to go

Rothco also makes ECW(extreme cold weather) outerwear such as parkas and stuff, M65 Field Jackets, Flight Jackets,Military tools like shovels and such, Flashlights, Police and security uniforms, and even just casual stuff like sweatshirts and t shirts and stuff. Alot of it is Made In China but its fairly good quality stuff. Its an overall good quality company,not as good as they once were, but they make some cool stuff

you can check em out at
person y: hey man i just picked up an army jacket from the army navy joint and i just realized that shits made in china WTF?
person x: whats it say on the inner tag? Rothco Ultra Force?
person y: yea i think
person x: well there ya go, damn commies are makin everything now. dont worry tho its allright quality, worse comes to worse just cut the tags out
by de opreso liber January 19, 2010
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