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Roslyn Heights is an affluent city located in Nassau County, New York, United States. With a population of 2800 at the 2010 census, up from 2350 as of the 2000 census, it is home to numerous Hollywood celebrities. Roslyn Heights and the neighboring city of Old Westbury are together entirely surrounded by the greater Roslyn Area. To be specific, Roslyn is bordered on the northwest by the North Shore neighborhood of Brookeville, on the east by less affluent neighborhoods such as Albertson and Westbury. The area's "Diamond District" is a strip on the north shore of nassau county of affluent neighborhoods, which is formed by the communities Roslyn, Great Neck, and Manhasset. However those from Roslyn and Great Neck tend to much more Jewish than Manhasset. The Jewish Population in these towns account for more than 75% the total population.
Roslyn Heights Residents-

Bernie Madoff- NASDAQ Chairman/Swindler
The Wilpon Family- Owner of the New York Mets
Darryl Strawberry- New York Yankees outfielder
Van Toffler- President of MTV
Christopher Morely- Renowned children's author
by Simon Hannanian December 12, 2011
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The illest place to live. We got the richest actors and movie producers living on our block. We cruise down the streets in our bmw and wave to the mexicanos in front of willis paint. You know we hit up Bobo kitchen for lunch fool. After dark we hit up that bong mah boy.
boy 1: You hear whats going down in roslyn heights today?

boy 2: What?

boy 1: We gona drag race down by the school.
by Ryan Berman January 17, 2009
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Suburb of New York City on Long Island, has a large community of Jews, houses are middle class, one of the countrys top high schools is locared there. Has a community of blacks and houses are middle class. Not to be confused with other parts of Roslyn, Roslyn Heights is not aswhite, rich, jappy and full of themselves. Kids can often be seen playing sports around the neighborhood.
Roslyn Heights New York
by kay ee June 09, 2006
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A very pompous, rich town filled with japs. Don't be mistaken and compare Roslyn Heights to Roslyn, it is the wealthier part of Roslyn. Especially those attending Wheatly High School. There is no crime whatsoever. Girls have their pradas and their coach's and for their 16th they get a beemer. The High School is packed with Mercedes & Beemers especially black ones. Houses usually don't go for under a million. The town happens to have one of the highest concentrated Hot Long Island girls.
Roslyn Heights, one of the richest place on the island with the top schools around.
by Joe Grossman February 26, 2007
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