HOTTTT woman: absoloutly STUNNING, all men want her. can dance. is a sexy beast. even woman want her irresistable body. but nobody can have it, because a Sommer owns.
The man tried to touch the roslyn while she danced on the pole, but the Sommer whooped the mans ass.
by mahhh neezyyy<33 March 21, 2008
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The Pimp'nest town on Long Island

Though predominantly wealthy and Jewish, other ethnicities and eco-social classes do exist...somewhere...Roslyn is home to one of the highest achieving school districts in the country, but at the same time the only school district in the world, not completely stoned out of their heads that could possibly loose $11,000,000 with out noticing it for ten flipping years...

Roslyn has a bunch of social cliques including JAPs, Preps, Jocks, Punks, Skaters, and the notorious FSP-WWSYSAs or Flipping Scary People Who Will Stab Your Sorry Ass, lol

This past Football season, the Roslyn team made it to the playoffs for the first time in 30 years, GOO BULLDOGS :-P

Our other sports teams are reasonably good and usually make it pretty far each season.

Roslyn is also known for having the hottest gals on the island, aren’t we lucky ;)

Sorry if I missed anything…
Roslyn is an awesome place to live even though every one bitches about it...
by Yo Mamma1 January 31, 2006
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This town is filled with a bunch of spoiled brats. If your not wearing designer clothes and real jewelry then you might as well not be wearing anything at all. And for the accessories these girls carry.Prada, Louie vi-ton, D & G, Juicy, Versachi, Coach and any other designer label. If these girls ever heard the word knockoff their response would be EW! Everyone here drives sports cars and this is an upper class town. The houses here are HUGEE. Lindsay Lohan lived here and so have many other famous people. The adults spoil there kids rotten and everyone belongs to yacht clubs, country clubs, and many other places just to show that they have money. The teens party all night every night and if you haven't had your 1st hook up by 6th grade and lost your virginity by 10th grade your supposedly an unsocial prude, or just so ugly no boy wants you (and in this town, trust me no one is ugly they are all millionaire barbie dolls). Every store here prices there things soo expensive because everyone has the money for it! A plain white haines t-shirt (even-though nobody here would be caught dead in one of those) cost $50 and the average pair of jeans $300 dollars.
Ah, Roslyn. What to say about this little town in Nassau County New York. A gorgeous town ridden with filthy rich people that have so much money that they have nothing better to do than to drive around in their luxury cars and spoil their children rotten. These children are living better right now than many the majority of the United States ever will. So what do they do? They buy all designer clothing, get either a Range Rover, a BMW, or a Lexus when they turn 16, get incredibly drunk and stoned at least twice a week. Go figure. On the other hand though, they mostly manage to do incredibly in academics and sports and many of the children will go to ivy league schools. Roslyn is probably one of the whitest areas that you will ever find. There are maybe 10 African American families in Roslyn at a maximum. Their idea of ghetto is Norwalk, Connecticut which is definitely no Harlem or anything of the sort. These peoples lives are spent at parties, renovating their already mic-mansion homes, playing tennis, and getting their hair re-dyed. Vacation is almost a whole different topic in and of itself. People are always going to some tropical island, Europe, a cruise, Martha's Vineyard, Nantucket, or Cape Cod. It is unavoidable. Oh yeah, and don't forget the celebrities who live there that these people often see in the supermarket, barnes and noble, or just walking around town like everyone else in New Yorks richest town.
by I lived here and quickly moved January 07, 2010
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The kids here do massive amounts of drugs (weed, blow, etc.) and party extremely harder then most other suburban communities. Despite the excessive partying these kids have seen the world three times over and are some of the most cultured and classiest individuals around. Young adults between the ages of 16-25 basically live in a drugged out haze of parties and sexual favors. Kids quietly compete with one another about who has the biggest summer home, who goes to the better college and who can amass the most materiel possessions. To speak openly about this competition is socially unacceptable and very unbecoming. The public school girls can be seen driving their Benz's, BMW's, Audi's, Volkswagen's and Land Rover's around town at all hours of the night looking for a house party or the next local bar to "chill" at. The private school girls can be seen in the back of their parents chauffeured Bentley attending amazing sweet sixteens, debutante balls, and benefit galas while the whole time being strung out on some prescription drug. Welcome to the world of Roslyn.
GFA girl 1: I want to go shopping this weekend and the americana mall (a mall filled with just designer clothes like polo, lacoste, Versaci and much more) just won't do. I have shopped there the last 3 weekends.
GFA girl 2: OMG! I know! Lets see if my parents can arrange a jet for us so we can go to London and shop on Bond Street.
I used to live in Roslyn because the town was so nice and wealthy but because of the JAPPIE behavior i had to move!!!
by UGHHHHhh2q4we ajo;fklmszxv January 07, 2010
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A gorgeous person..photogenic...perfect... Multi-instrumentalist,loves punk pop music....and is full of shit but people still dig her
Man I hate Roslyn....but she's sho cool ...it's alright
by Saxfax67 September 18, 2016
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A town in Nassau County, Long Island. It is known for being rich, spoiled, Jewish and mean <= For the people who think this, they either never tried to become friends with people here or don't live here. I admit people here are spoiled but not everyone is rich or mean, although most of the population is jewish. I live in East Hills and although I hate some of the people and sometimes its not the happiest place for me, i would never want to live anywhere else. All of my friends are true friends and only a small group of people are very mean, "JAPS". Maybe the town has a lot of coach in it but prada is not seen as much although the other definitions on urban might tell you that. I love this town and have been to other towns that are just like this one. Roslyn might have a bad reputation but it is just like most of the towns besides for its amount of jews and coach.
She's wearing a lot of coach and has a weird accent. She must be from Roslyn but surprisingly shes really nice and down to earth!
by Roslyngirl July 01, 2009
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