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Roseilin is a very fun and outgoing girl, she loves to talk and chit chat about future plans. When you’re with her you’ll get this vibe that you’re interesting, Roseilin is a very energetic and sweet person but she often tends to get hurt because she falls too hard, she’s very picky with who she’s friends with being close to her is hard even though she has an outgoing and friendly personality ( Don’t get on her bad side) she doesn’t get mad easily but when she does she’s a ball of rage but don’t worry she can’t hold grudges if she does you’re doomed, Overall she’s an overachiever and will always be there for you as long as you let her. Being friends with a person like this will for sure improve your life but it’s hard since she’s picky with who she’s friends with she has a small circle but she’s loyal to those she loves and only those if you’re friends with her you’re lucky don’t let her go she will do anything for you since she probably is the most selfless person you’ll ever meet.
Roseilin is like the sun full of light, and bigger than she seems
by Rosie Rodriguez March 20, 2018
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