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Someone who is gay and/or likes big dicks.
Male 1: Ah man, he's such a good goalie.
Male 2: Dude fuck Biron, hes a rope smoker.
by robbydee February 10, 2009
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1. noun. One who gorfs the chode.

2. noun. Pillow biter from out west, also known as Democrat Dave.
John: "I voted FOR felching BEFORE I voted against it"

George: "rope smoker"
by C2 November 04, 2004
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1. insering male genitals, typically the head and/or shaft of the penis into ones mouth and puffing as if you were smoking.

2. A liberal term to describe any homosexual male.

variations- ropesmoking, smoking-rope, ropesmoke,
"Jason is a real ropesmoker!" or "How much do you think she shrges for a ropesmoke.
by azairman April 05, 2006
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