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A roommate (at college, a summer program, a lengthy vacation, boarding school, or any other dorm or hotel living situation) with whom one gets along well. Roomskillets should feel comfortable discussing bodily functions, sharing food, and being partially naked around each other. Roomskillets also tolerate each other's antisocial tendencies or ridiculous partying schedules.
The term roomskillet is a modified version of homeskillet, and similar terms include roomdawg and roomboy (not to be confused with the Roomba, which is a popular vacuum/pet, and a great potential present for your roomskillet, due to its ability to keep your shared living space clean and fulfill your need for a pet while not violating common dorm and hotel anti-pet policy).
Maddie: Sup, roomskillet?
Bridget: Not much roomdog, just playing Peggle on my computer.
Maddie: So we getting schwasted tonight?
Bridget: I have to beat this next level, but you go have fun!
Maddie: I love you, roomskillet.
by mardarlarnar September 30, 2010
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