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Roofinology is an art from and science. It is the study of roofs and weather and grading these factors on a scale that gives a Roofin quality rating for any particular roof in the region. To obtain expertise in Roofinology, you must complete classes at an approved Roofinology institution. The first factor to consider is air quality and temperature. The air quality must be measured and any pollutants in the air must be determined and evaluated. The weather and temperature must also be constantly measured in order to ensure optimal Roofin standards based on the preferences of each collective group of roofers. The visibility index for each Roofin location is also calculated as well as the distance from the ground to the Roof. The average fluctuations in wind velocity must also be taken into account. Light pollution must also be measured in order to calculate the visibility of the Universe from each location. It is the inalienable right of every individual who wishes to go Roofin to have an impeccable experience.
Guy 1: Yo lets go roofin!

Guy 2: Alright, but lets check the Roofinology report first

Guy 2: Yo 2nd Ave looks good tonight. We Roofin!!

Guy 3: We out here!! We Roofin!!

Guy 4: Alright lets go

Guy 1: Yo look at the moon! Yo the Cosmos!

Guy 2: The nice breeze, were discussing things. The Roofinology reports were spot on!

Guy 3: Yo this is awesome!!

*Hours Later*

Guy 2: Yo Guy 1, Guy 3 and Guy 4 fell asleep in the car. Guy 3 is asleep in the trunk. He has the tarp pulled over him like a blanket and is in a ball. Guy 4 is in the front seat reclined back.

Guy 1: What happened?! They just fell asleep!

Guy 2: Yo im hungry, are you hungry? Do you have any food?

Guy 1: Yea I am. Yo lets go down to the apartment and see what we got.

*goes down to apartment*

Guy 1: Yo we only got bananas

Guy 2: Alright we'll eat some bananas and then head back up to the roof.

*Eat Bananas and then head back up to roof*

Guy 1: Yo you think they're awake now? Its like 4 am.

Guy 2: I dont know, how is Guy 3 sleeping like that anyway?!

*Guy 4 wakes up*

Guy 4: Ey what happened? I just fell asleep

*Guy 3 wakes up*

Guy 3: Yo that was nice I can sleep out here.

Guy 2: Yo Guy 4, you wanna head back?

Guy 4: Yea

Guy 1: Yo we'll see you guys later. If it wasn't for the Roofinology reports we wouldn't have known to come here.

Guy 2: Yea!

*Guy 2 and Guy 4 drive back to their apartment while Guy 1 and Guy 3 head downstairs to their apartment*
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by Daytony500fan February 25, 2017
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