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Roniel is a boy who acts all big and bad in front of his friends but really is just a sweet boy, and when he has a lot going on he will make the best out of it. And once he has a crush on someone he will be all over her and flirt with her a lot and make her feel good about herself. He is a good person at heart.
Oh she looks sad maybe she needs Roniel to cheer her up.
by Love_baby 😘❤️ June 27, 2018
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Roniel is a niggerbaby is a toxic squeaker sucks at fortnite and sucks peepee he rapes kids on lent day and doesn’t fast cause he’s going to hell he is the biggest sinner out there and is in love with Ben Shapiro
Roniel *places traps all over*
Emre “Roniel you are a niggerbaby go back to raping kids on lent day you sinner
by Mirac March 06, 2019
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