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An Axis Powers Hetalia fan made RPG game. The plot is that Japan made a video game and when he was testing it, an error occurred and all the nations except Japan get sucked in with no way out and Japan has no way in. The nations encounter a fake Japan in the game created by the error that occurred in the test run. He wants to keep them all stuck inside the game forever. The nations dubbed him Error Honda, since Japan's Real name is Kiku Honda. Error infects the nations and turns them evil. Sadly, Romaheta was not finished due to the fact that it got more popular than Hetalia itself, and the creator stopped right at the end of an epic battle between Korea and China.
Man, I wish Romaheta was a real game... And the creator didn't quit right at the end...*sigh*
by WarriorPokemon70249 January 14, 2012
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