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A phone directory of male cohorts who can quickly be contacted for sexual activities.
I was so bored and horny last night I had to resort to using my Rolodicks to find a guy for a booty call.
by slysky September 15, 2010
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A womanโ€™s Rolodex of men she has had sex with, used to either keep track of her whorism or booty calls
When I left for work this morning, it looked like another guy was taking the โ€œWalk of Shameโ€ over at Tiffanyโ€™s house. One more name she can add in her Rolodicks.

Damn I need to get laid ! Iโ€™m looking in my Rolodicks to get Ryanโ€™s number.
by Jess&Rei June 04, 2018
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