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A female who skates on a modern, full contact, flat track/banked track rollerderby team. Have alternate "skate personas" with names that can be silly, provocotive, and empowering. (IE: Betty Rage, Kitty Kitty Bang Bang, Helen Wheels) Can typically be seen in suggestive athletic attire such as hot pants and knee highs or a mini skirt with fishnets that are torn due to aggressivness on the track. Usually has tattoos. Intellectual. Witty. Clever. Sexy. Not to mention, Athletic. Do to the sports DIY spirit, most rollergirls are very independant and confidant women. Commonly described as living Wonder Women.
Dude 1: Did you check out that Rollergirl skating for the Tucson Saddletramps? She's such a babe!
Dude 2: Yeah man, but she's totally out of our league.
by Misty Molisher December 09, 2009
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Roller derby girl. A female who skates full-contact roller derby.
Fan 1: "Fuck bitch, that rollergirl can really jam!"
Fan 2: "Yeah...she hits pretty hard, too!"
Fan 3: "Did you see how fast she made it thru the pack? I think she even lapped the other jammer!"
Fan 1: "Yeah, she did!"
by Shawna th'Dead February 19, 2006
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A new breed of roller derby girls who skate full-contact roller derby on flat-track. D.I.Y. and punk rock at it's finest, fastest, and most violent!!
Fuck bitch! That Rollergirl is hardcore!
by Shawna th'Dead February 18, 2006
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That one hot girl on roller skates at the skate park.
She doesn't give a shit about what the rest of us think, she just shreds.
Skaters call her Roller Girl but we wish we knew her name.
Guy 1: Damn, there's the Roller Girl again.
Guy 2: Shit, I didn't even know you could do that on roller skates.
by Anonymous_Dictionary_User August 06, 2018
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