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A movement that seeks to promote and make legal the game called rollerball.
Two teams clad in body armor skate on roller blades (some instead on motorcycles) around a banked, circular track.
The object of the game is to score points by the offensive team ( The team in possession of the ball) throwing a softball-sized steel ball into the goal,which is a magnetic, cone-shaped area inset into the wall of the arena. The team without possession of the ball is defensive and acts to prevent scoring.
It is a full-contact sport in which players have considerable leeway to attack opposing players in order to take or maintain possession of the ball and to score points. (The object of the game is to kill off the other players).
In addition, each team has three players who ride motorcycles to which teammates can latch on and be towed. The player in possession of the ball must hold it in plain view at all times.
Is now illegal because killing of player are involved in the game.
The game is held in some places by organized crime and there is much high stakes betting.
The rollerball movement seeks to promote the playing of the game and to make it legal. It has been suggested that criminals be used to play the game and as a reward they would eventually be freed, and played the same amount as other professional athletes.
by Judge dredd7 June 24, 2011
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