He is stoic, holds himself with confidence, and takes your breath away when he walks into a room. His eyes and smile can light up any gloomy day, and he can dance like nobody’s watching. He is a beautiful person inside and out. One might call him a “manly man” because he can fix anything with his hands, and help with any problem. Yet he is humble, compassionate, kind, intelligent and selfless and likes to share knowledge with others. If you are lucky enough to know a Roldan, you will have a spark in your life like no other, a lot of laughs, and he is the best gift giver.
“Bruce needs a bruschetta” is so Roldan.

Rolo is the new Yolo!”

“You fixed that _____all by yourself?! Damn, that’s Roldan”
by BoricuaLover June 24, 2021
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A gentleman and a scholar, known to have mustaches that spread to the length equal to an eagles wingspan.
"Holy shit, look at Roldan's mustache"

"sweet stache Roldan"

"is that a terrorist, nah nigga that's just Roldan"
by raul602 June 28, 2012
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Cute. Loyal. Kind. Smart.
He's so Roldan. I love Roldan
by RamSkie June 8, 2021
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person1: who’s that nigga
person2:that’s roldan da kid
by big black ball in yo mouth November 29, 2021
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Roldan is a good on seducing people he's good on scuba diving and vulcanizing he's also participated in tumbang preso world champ but he didn't win but the social media discovered his rapping skills because it's faster than the race car and he's good on making slangs too
roldan's slang "Kenemerelelomus" "Buritikuninupos" "Caraninteketus"
by Alimpipinig November 23, 2021
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The act by which a praying mantis, or other mantae or female of a species cannibalizes its mate after the act of mating is complete.
After consummating the female mantis was seen Roldaning her mate.
by cornerguy September 4, 2011
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