A printer that a worker secretly installs, on an open network, or local pc port without his supervisor or boss knowing about it.
Dood1: Whats up with that printer hidden under your desk?

Dood2: Its rogue. Its a rogue printer man... That way i can save time and print my own stuff.
by tjamnz January 17, 2010
The most awful and terrifying breed that one might find in the school IT room...the ROGUE PRINTER. This is a condition that can often posess normal printers. Some symptoms of the rogue include: when collecting paper from it, it sucks it back in and spews it out; Also responsible for lost work, breaks and refuses to print, bleeps manically, and can sneak up on you when you least expect it....all i can say is, I WARNED YOU....
IT consultant: So what exactly is wrong with this printer?
Innocent: Beware, tis a rogue Printer!
IT consultant: Evacuate the building. NOW.
by the innocent December 14, 2005