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When you shoot your cum but you can't find where it went
Awh mate, I was going at it last night but I popped a rogue load and couldn't find it ay!
by ack hac April 15, 2017
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Sometimes when a man is masturbating and finally ejaculates, the ejaculate tends to end up in strange places. This is what we refer to as a "rogue load", a load that decided to go it's own way. This is usually onto the victim of the rogue load's shirt/pants/shorts/underwear. One may never predict the power of the load, for the load is always a shifty little squirt (pun intended)
Jack: Hey Dick, I was watching some real kinky shit last night.
Dick: What was it?
Jack: Transformer BDSM. Only problem was, I shot a rogue load.
Dick: Rogue load? WTF is that?
Jack: So you're not gonna ask about the Transformer BDSM?
by Jack Dick Clark April 17, 2017
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