A cringe Roblox game which only 20 year olds living in their mom's basement play so they can virtually murder new players with their vind ultra spy so that they can get free internet points.
Child: Mom, who is that sweaty man playing that game on that computer?

Mom: Get away from him son, he is dangerous because he plays Rogue Lineage. He could throw you in a fire, and you'd have to wipe.
by special human being March 27, 2020
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A game on Roblox only toxic apes play, who middle-aged men living in their mom's basements make videos about "ganking" that gain like 2 subscribers. Rogue Lineage players typically call one another "boosted".
Friend #1: You're actually so fucking bad at this game, how bad can you be? GG EZ.

Friend #2: Jesus why are you being so toxic, are you some kind of Rogue Lineage player?
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most of the pussies on urban dictionary have something negative to say about this game because they were boosted ez and never achieved ultra like 95 percent of the retarded dipshits who choose to waste their lives playing this game where a hacker can take everything in two seconds
Damn I was playing rogue lineage
Friend two: damn this guy is a total retard lets ditch him
Friendless: meet me in khei
by xerteazeaze December 07, 2020
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When you get gripped by a maxed oni as a freshie and they say EZ
by pogman23 November 03, 2020
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Someone that sells artifacts in Rogue Lineage and has a Boondocks PFP on Discord.
"that dude with the Riley PFP is a rogue lineage BMer"
by RogueBmer262 September 26, 2020
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