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Roflblaze is a new term used for people trying to allow the use of ROFL (rolling on floor laughing) while adding a supposedly cool subject of fire (A Favoured element on such mindrot games such as everquest and world of warcraft). 1) It is mostly used by pretencious 1337 (Hacker for 'leet' or 'elite') wannabe gamers to express their domanace over someone or 2) just to replace certain adjectives, like owned, win etc. 3) it can also be used to insult someones mother.
1) Annoying gamer: OMG dude! I just, like, completely roflblazed you in that SnD Quicskopezzz match on MW2!

Social gamer: At least i dont fuck my hand daily!

2)Annoying gamer #1: Duuuuuuuuude! We totally roflblazed their team!

Annoying gamer #2: I know dude, you what i could roflblaze right now?

Annoying gamer #1: what?

Annoying gamer #2: A double pack of PB & J Gamergruband a Mana potion!

3)Annoyed social gamer: Fucking modder! you're so shit you need a modded controller you little shit, god, play the game properly douche bag!

Annoying gamer: LOL dude! I'm gonna roflblaze you're mom tonight. lolololololol 1 4m 1337 H4x0RrZZzz!
by vKz iPwNaGe April 18, 2010
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