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A "Roenke" can either be a girl or a boy and depending upon the gender will have two completely different qualities. A male Roenke, starting from birth, is a very unfortunate specimen. While being potty trained he is taught to pee sitting down because it is very clear that due to his inadequacy, if he were to pee standing up the urine would get all over his own balls. Another quality that this poor young man will never out-grow, is his incapability to control his extreme emotions. The child will literally cry at the drop of a hat, or if the wind blows the wrong way. If you want to experience this first hand then shank him, spank him, and punch him in the arm and simply sit back and watch the "pitty party" unfold...u may want to wear a poncho tho b/c once the tears start flowing, they rarely stop. It is much harder to spot a Roenke in his adolescence or as a young adult. You have to be patient and know where to look. Your best bet at spotting one would be to go to your local bar, and look for the guy hitting on the "weak calf" amongst a group of girls. Male Roenke's develop an abnormal taste/standards for women, or lack thereof, in their early adulthood.
Person #1: Dude, that girl is so hot but her heinous fat friend keeps cock-blocking me.
Person #2: Man that suck, wheres a Roenke when you need one.

Person #1: Yo why's that Roenke crying again?
Person #2: He must have pissed all over his balls again.
by wavewarrior May 04, 2011
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