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A fantastic all boys high school in Kansas City Missouri. Although located in Missouri, both Kansans and Missourians attend there. It is a very preppy school with sperry's, v-vines, and brooks bros found everywhere. Many students drink and smoke pot regularly. Although it is all boys, Rockhurst students are all amazing athletes, extremely well educated and smart, and get women constantly. Other local schools call Rockhurst students gay, but this is because of their jealousy of Rockhurst's many state titles, higher test scores, and mostly because a Rockhurst guy probably hooked up with the girl the other student wanted to hook up with but didnt last weekend.
From adult: You go to Rockhurst High School? Good for you.
From other student: You go to Rockhurst High School? Fag.
What other student is really thinking: You go to Rockhurst High School? Youre superior to me but I will never admit it.
by 2$2$2$2$2 April 30, 2011
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