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A middle or upper-middle class Caucasian, often from the suburbs, who frequently plays the music of Bob Marley and other reggae artists. The Rochestafarian may even adopt their clothing, hair styles, recreational drug habits, and patois speech patterns. Despite this, most will be only dimly aware of rastafarian religious beliefs or the political turmoil in Jamaica during Marley's career. The two most common archetypes are the stoned-out high school student wearing tie-dye and dreadlocks, and the frat boy who belongs to College Republicans and plays tracks from "Legend" at keg parties. More broadly, this term can be applied to any affluent member of society who appropriates the minutia and merchandising of marginalized groups without any discernible interest in their social plight. The term amalgamates the relatively white-bread city of Rochester, New York with Jamaican spiritual beliefs of Rastafarianism.
Is that Conrad cruising through Geneseo in his Imapala with 'Get Up, Stand Up' blaring from his stereo?" "Yes. He is acting like a consummate Rochestafarian.
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