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It's a mashup of "robot" and "out". It's like saying, "I'm outta here... but in a logical, systematic manner."
It's maybe even something teachers could shout to students during fire drills.

(Not to be used for Robs or Robbie's or Roberts)
"Gotta run, Robout!" said Jason, leaving his parents house for a night on the town with his gal.

"Robout" read the text Ben sent, explaining to Brittany that he had to work on his Oreo Legacy tower.
by GenUnit June 08, 2013
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A contest of two individuals trying to "robot" each other out by performing sporadic, machine-like movements. Often occurs due to either having injested too many dissociatives (such as Robitussin) or experiencing a muscle fatigue after visiting the gym for the first time.
"You know your workout has turned into a robout when you can't get out of bed the next day"

"Hey look, Tom and James are having a robout! Okay, who let them buy cough syrup again?"
by Shadiac September 24, 2019
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